Deep growth happens in huddles, groups of 2-4 people of the same gender who meet regularly to practice a few simple, powerful rhythms.

hear and obey

Since God communicates Himself to us and reveals Jesus to us through Scripture, huddles are built around the Word. Members read and study God’s Word together in order to understand it, trust it, and live it.

repent and believe

Believing Jesus is not merely the starting point, it is the way we live all of life. We fight remaining sin and grow in holiness as we help each other apply the gospel to every area of life. Turning from sin and unbelief, huddle members point each other toward Christ.

plan and pray

Because we’re on mission together, we pray for the people God has brought into our lives and make plans to engage with them for the sake of the gospel.

This "discipleship huddle field guide" PDF is a great practical tool to help you connect with the people around you in the "stuff of life" and provides a great mechanism to share the stories of your encounters with your huddle.

Another great resource for both discipleship huddles and missional communities is "Simple Ways to be Misssional." This PDF guide provides useful and practical ways to make that gospel connection with the people in your personal networks such as your neighborhood, workplace, softball team, etc.