missional communities

The gospel of Jesus Christ saves, redeems, and transforms people. When gospel-people do life together, gospel-communities are formed. And gospel-communities impact the city by engaging in the gospel-mission to make more disciples.

Missional communities are made up of people who share their lives together—from homes and hobbies to meals and mowers. In these communities, the internal transformation of the gospel becomes visible as we practice hospitality, bear each other’s burdens, serve our neighbors, and grow in faith together. As we believe and live out the gospel in community, we begin to plan and pray and partner together so that people in our neighborhoods and relational networks can hear and experience the gospel.

We are disciples, living on mission together to make more disciples.

To learn more about Missional Communities or to join one, let us know more about yourself and we'll help you find a gospel community to live with on mission.

Check out this "Simple Ways to be Missional" PDF. It's a great resource that will help you identify opportunities to share the gospel within the normal rhythms of life as you connect with the people in your neighborhood, workplace, softball team, etc. Talk about these ideas with your spouse and with those in your missional community and/or discipleship huddle.