Ryan Chase

Ryan Chase serves Emmaus Road Church as a vocational elder and associate pastor.

Ryan was born in Orange County, CA and grew up in 5 different states on the West Coast, the East Coast, and the No-Coast (Midwest). Nope, he’s not from a military family, but he is a pastor’s kid. After high school, Ryan moved to Mexico, where he spent two and a half years working with an international missions organization. During that time he traveled to ten countries on four continents, ate lots of tacos, and learned to speak Spanish. To this day he loves hanging out in airports, crossing borders, trying new foods, and learning languages. Did we mention eating lots of tacos and speaking Spanish? It was this love for international missions and foreign cultures that led him to earn a BSBA in International Business from Thomas Edison State College in New Jersey.

Ryan met Barbara in 2007 while snowboarding, and they were married in 2008. In 2012 their family doubled when their twin sons, Isaac and Caleb, were born. Their family is acquainted with grief and sorrow, as both boys were born with a rare genetic condition called nemaline myopathy. Isaac passed away in June of 2015. Through first-hand experience, Ryan and Barbara can attest to the comfort of trusting God's sovereignty in suffering and disability.

Ryan spent five years in local church youth ministry before taking a teaching position at Sioux Falls Christian High School in 2009. He taught high school Bible classes there for 8 years, covering everything from Christian ethics and apologetics to evangelism and discipleship.

Ryan is passionate about preaching and teaching the Gospel and declaring the glory of God’s grace.

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